Integris Software Partners with Cloudentity to Launch Industry-First Automated Data Privacy and Security Solution For API-based Services

Combined Solution Provides Ability to Identify, Track and SecureData At-Rest and In-Motion, to help Ensure the Integrity of Data Sharing Agreements

SEATTLE – October 30, 2019 – Cloudentity and Integris Software have formed a partnership to deliver the industry’s first solution to address the data privacy and security requirements for compliance, and modern API-based services. Together, the companies have set a new standard for visualizing where personal data is stored, which applications are accessing that data, and if the customer is granted consent.

The combined solution provides enterprises with the ability to identify, track and secure data at-rest and in-motion. Privacy and security need to be integrated to deliver complete data protection. Integris Data Privacy Automation discovers what data is important and why, enabling Cloudentity to be precise in its security and policy controls. 

“The data that flows between business entities must be protected with better security and privacy controls,” said Nathanael Coffing, Founder, Cloudentity. “Our partnership with Integris allows organizations to intelligently protect personal identifiable information stored in any environment, including the cloud. Businesses use API-based transactions to exchange consumer data. We protect APIs, and transactions by authorizing the exchange of privacy information at a granular level. Our partnership is a next-generation consumer consent and privacy-aware microservice-firewall.” 

Companies are constantly purchasing or exchanging data in order to build better customer profiles or complete a transaction. In a recent Integris Software Data Privacy Maturity Study of mid and large enterprises, 40 percent of respondents had 50 or more data sharing agreements (e.g., Cambridge Analytica) in place. 

“Companies are being inundated with personal data. A single bank transaction might get replicated across a hundred data repositories and involve dozens of applications,” said Drew Schuil, vice president of Global Business Development and EMEA Operations for Integris Software. “In this environment, manual checks on privacy, security, and customer consent reach the breaking point. We are honored to partner with Cloudentity to help businesses solve this challenge, protect their data collections, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.”

The joint solution provides the foundation for complying with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other US state privacy laws  and international laws including Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Key capabilities of the joint solution include the ability to:

  • Discover, monitor, and protect personal information as it’s shared across an organization’s internal, partner, and consumer app ecosystems
  • Ensure that data sharing contracts align with  live data repositories and API application access, whether by a user, third-party app, or system
  • Automate privacy and security checks on data at-rest, and in-motion when used in a business transaction
  • Demonstrate the assurance of safe PII data, and access and authorization policies related to personal information for compliance 

A webcast on How to Solve CCPA and GDPR’s Toughest Compliance Mandates is on November 20, 2019. Register here:

Key takeaways for data, privacy and information systems professionals will include:

  • How to solve CCPA and GDPRs toughest compliance issues (inferred data, right to deletion, right to opt-out, and disclosure obligations) within complex IT environments
  • Key challenges and best practices on how to create, monitor, and enforce API contracts
  • Why data privacy and fulfilling data subject requests is now a big data problem and how to solve it (4 recommendations plus the one thing you should never do)
  • How to support the new realities of ‘continuous consent’ and the evolving nature of personal information privacy 

In addition to its new partnership with Cloudentity to integrate privacy and security solutions, Integris Software also recently announced the Integris Partner Program to bring together key industry organizations to help enterprises automate and improve their data privacy practices. Cloudentity has now joined the program to align with other leading security, privacy and identity verification technologies to support global businesses.


About Cloudentity

Cloudentity is a privacy-first Customer Identity and Access Management platform. We secure, identify, and authorize: users, services and things that need access to personal identifiable data. We keep out those who should not have access  We do this with powerful, cloud-native identity and access control microservices that integrate quickly, seamlessly, and efficiently into an organization’s existing hybrid, or cloud architecture. We provide in-depth: visibility, protection and policy enforcement at the API level. 

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About Integris Software

Integris Software, the global leader in data privacy automation, helps enterprises discover and control the use of sensitive data in a way that protects privacy and fuels innovation.

Privacy is now critical to an effective data protection strategy. By sitting upstream from security, Integris tells you what data is important and why so you can be precise in your InfoSec controls.

Integris works securely, at scale, no matter where sensitive data resides. You get a live map of your sensitive data where you can apply policies, surface issues, fulfill DSAR requests, and automate remediations via your broader ticketing and InfoSec ecosystem.

Regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are triggering knee-jerk reactions as companies lock down their data for fear of misuse. With Integris, there is finally a way to use your data without fear.

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