Automating Data Privacy and Security For API-based Services

Businesses are increasingly using API-based transactions to exchange privacy-regulated data as part of their digital transformation. But a key challenge remains on how to protect those transactions at a granular level.

Watch this panel discussion with experts from Integris Software and Cloudentity as they explain:

  • How to solve CCPA and GDPRs toughest compliance issues (inferred data, right to deletion, right to opt-out, and disclosure obligations) within complex IT environments with a consent management platform
  • Key challenges and best practices on how to create, monitor, and enforce API contracts
  • Why data privacy and fulfilling data subject requests is now a big data problem and how to solve it (4 recommendations plus the one thing you should never do)
  • How to support the new realities of ‘continuous consent’ and the evolving nature of personal information privacy

About Cloudentity

Cloudentity is a Consumer Identity Access Management & Privacy platform. The Cloudentity system delivers microservices-based privacy, progressive consent, and security enforcement for users, services, and things. Based in Seattle, Washington, Cloudentity provides intelligent and continuous protection of almost 2 billion identities around the world. For more about Cloudentity, visit