Eliminate manual setup and automatically catalog and inventory business relevant data
Use Integris Software for automated catalog, discovery, and classification of all your data, then push that work into your data governance platform or wherever your analysts and data scientists consume the metadata.

The beauty of your data governance platform is that you no longer have to use spreadsheets to maintain, share, or operationalize the processes you’ve documented for your data. Ready to do the same for your data inventory? With Integris, you can stop relying on spreadsheets, manual surveys, and custom scripts to inventory your data sources, metadata, and classifications.

Shorten time-to-value and increase ROI on your data
Quickly connect to any data type, at rest or in motion, and use machine learning and natural language processing to create a live map of your data landscape that honors your data governance classifications.
  • Know exactly what data you have and how it maps back to data governance policies and processes
  • Connect to any data source — file storage, big data systems, structured databases, SaaS applications, data lakes, and streaming data sources
  • Push your data dictionary, classifications, and attributes from your data governance platform to Integris or vice versa, as well as conduct bidirectional syncing and reconciliation
  • Create a compensating control via automated data acquisition to ensure your data governance workflows are effective and defensible — provide auditors and 3rd parties with evidence of your data, policies, and enforcement
  • Flag data handling issues related to data residency, retention, proliferation, misclassification, and mislabeling
Accelerate the reliable and compliant utilization of data for digital transformation and innovation.

Use Integris to ensure data is being used for the purposes established and is staying where its supposed to be. Scan your data repositories and match them against rules and policies defined in your data governance platform or Integris to identify risks (e.g. data misclassifications, retention policy gaps).

Build trust with customers by fulfilling subject access requests (e.g. right to access of information, right to be forgotten) easily and quickly — Integris enables you to search for individuals and identify sources, attributes, purpose, and categories/classifications of information, which can further enrich data governance workflows.

Enable data governance automation — real-time detection of new metadata, classification issues, or policy violations trigger data governance workflows.

Ready to unlock innovation while protecting privacy?

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