Regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are forcing companies to lock down their data lake for fear of misuse. With Integris Software, you can finally use your data without fear.

Integris Software will discover and classify sensitive data across your data lake, map it back to data handling obligations, identify violations and automate actions. Integris` unique set of capabilities enables regulatory hygiene while maintaining the productivity of your data lake.

Meets all the challenges of volume, variety, and velocity for data lake hygiene. Multiple data scanning options such as complete scans, reservoir sampling, and random sampling. Continuously classifies, labels, and maps your sensitive data to your retention and encryption policies. Correlated attributes to identity combinations of data that alone are benign but together become highly sensitive.
Data in-motion discovery and classification as data streams in and out of your data lake.

De-identify Your Data Lake

Data lakes ingest disparate pieces of customer data from a variety of sources. When combined, this data has the potential to reveal customer identities along with highly sensitive personal information.

Integris discovers and classifies your data and surfaces sensitive data that can be tied back to individuals. Integris correlated attributes identifies highly sensitive combinations of data across your data lake.

87% of the US population can be identified using only their Zip Code, Gender, and Birthdate.*

Validate Encryption Policies

The massive volume of data in your data lake renders traditional encryption validation tools obsolete.

Integris continuously classifies, labels, and maps your sensitive data to encryption requirements emanating from regulations or your internal use policies.

Validate Retention Policies

Since data is flowing into your data lake from disparate sources there’s a good chance you`re calculating retention in different ways.

With Integris, you can view sensitive data by geography, system, and policy, as well as snapshots of the amount, type, and recency of data. Integris can adapt to any method you`re using to calculate retention, then flag retention issues for human intervention or kickoff workflows with your existing ticketing system.

Inspect Data in-Motion at Points of Ingress and Egress

Data that streams in and out of your data lake can be a blind spot and can cascade into multiple problems. For example, if you have data sharing agreements, you`ll want to know that inbound data is clean and limited to what’s in your contracts.

Integris taps directly into the message queue that is processing data as it moves in and out of the data lake to provide discovery and classification services on data-in-motion.

Assess Data Risk Prior to M&A Transactions

As data is acquired through the M&A process, data lakes can become contaminated with problematic data. Due diligence should include the

inspection of the data being acquired, and to assess risk prior to merging large datasets.

Integris can sample data already in the data lake, sample data at the Ingress point as data is merged into the data lake, and even conduct ongoing scans to ensure continued compliance.

Integris Data Lake Integrity Solution Brief