Chief Privacy Officer

Chief Privacy Officer Defines and Manage a Companies’ Privacy Practice

The Chief Privacy Officer drives policies, processes and controls that enable organizations to collect and utilize personal information in an ethical and compliant manner.  They are responsible for managing privacy risks in accordance with privacy laws and regulations. The role emerged in the late 1990’s with growing consumer and corporate concern of how personal data was being collected, used and protected.

Typically Chief Privacy Officers have a legal background and have excellent conceptual understanding of information technology.  They represent their company in privacy advocacy both internally and externally. Chief Privacy Officers may report to the CEO, CIO or CLO.  


What are the key responsibilities of a Chief Privacy Officer?

  • Develop policies, practices and procedures for privacy compliance.
  • Conduct privacy impact assessments.
  • Monitor and remediate privacy risks.
  • Ensure proper consent management data subject access request processes.
  • Team with CISOs on breach response notifications.
  • Represent their company to regulatory agencies.


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