Make privacy part of your broader data protection strategy

Privacy is now critical to an effective data protection strategy. By sitting upstream from security, Integris tells you what data is important and why so you can be precise in your InfoSec controls.

Use Integris to discover and classify sensitive data across any system, apply security policies, assess risk, and take action. Manage your most important data and automate actions to protect your company and customers.

Prioritize risk for your executives, not just based on data type and volume, but what the actual fine would be if that data repository were breached.

Implement data security controls

Be cautious about solutions that simply map IDs to pre-existing metadata. You’ll run the risk of creating a false sense of security about the data you have, which security parameters are being applied, and whether they’re in compliance with regulatory mandates.

Use Integris to identify different types of sensitive data across your enterprise, and put compensating controls in place to keep it encrypted, hashed, or masked.

Identify hidden, toxic and derived-sensitive data where it's least expected to be

Sensitive data finds its way into places it shouldn’t be. For example, databases backing webforms can have mislabeled data. Much like mislabeled data, misclassified data poses significant risk. For example, SSN’s found in a phone number column won’t have a high enough classification.

Integris automates the identification of misclassified and mislabeled data, then surfaces issues for human intervention or kicks off automated remediations.

Validate encryption policies

Regulations and internal policies require encryption to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. The massive volume of data in your data lake render traditional encryption validation tools obsolete.

Integris continuously classifies, labels, and maps your sensitive data to encryption requirements emanating from regulations or your internal use policies. During the mapping process, Integris will flag encryption violations and automate actions to remediate issues. For example, Integris can kickoff workflows with your existing ticketing system.

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