The team at Integris Software proudly supported the Hopper X1 Seattle Conference, supporting women pursuing careers and success in technology.  The Hopper X1 Seattle Conference is organized by and modeled after the Grace Hopper Celebration which is the world’s largest gathering of women in technology.

One of our core people tenants at Integris is that we celebrate and continually foster our diverse and inclusive culture. It was an opportunity not only to learn from many great technologists, but also to make many meaningful connections with other women in engineering who are stepping up to not only close the gap we have for skilled workers in tech, but also the gender gap we have historically had in tech. Throughout the event, there were many stories of strength and testaments of overcoming adversity to achieve powerful successes, and inspiration was had by all. And wow – did we have a great time!

As a female-founded company, we are excited to be included in the AnitaB community and will continue to support ongoing efforts in Seattle to close gender gaps. And, to that end, we want to give one last shout out – to all the men and gender-neutral individuals who also chose to attend HopperX1. It was a poignant reminder that inclusion works both – or rather, all – ways.

Meredith Turner, our Head of People Experience led our participation in the event along with Software Engineer Elizabeth Williams.

More information is available on the Seattle community from a series of fantastic blogs published here.