Integris Software Reaches Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner Status as Data Privacy Automation Leader

Now Available on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Integris Software Provides Data Privacy and Compliance for Office 365, Dynamics, Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lakes, and More

SEATTLE – JULY 15, 2019 –  Integris Software, the global leader in data privacy automation, today announced that it has achieved “Co-Sell Ready” recognition as a top-tier Microsoft partner. Through its Co-Sell Ready status under the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program, Integris will be directly sold and marketed by Microsoft resellers around the world to rapidly expand the reach and deployment of its data privacy automation solution.

The first data privacy solution that can be deployed on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Integris connects directly into any on-premises or cloud-based data source, identifies where sensitive data resides, maps it back to data handling obligations, and automates remediations.

“We are honored to be among a select group of software vendors chosen by Microsoft for joint sales, packaged solutions and expansive deployment,” said Kristina Bergman, founder and chief executive officer of Integris Software. “Regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are driving urgency for solutions that help companies quickly and confidently respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), as well as ensure continuous compliance with a live data map. By achieving Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status, we will help more Microsoft partners and customers globally improve their data privacy practices.”

When compared to other market offerings, Integris Software’s microservices architecture adeptly handles the volume, variety, and velocity of big data. The solution deploys where sensitive data resides, minimizing costs and deployment friction while maximizing processing power efficiencies. Integris’ deeper inspection at the data element level informs companies of exactly what is in their data set, not just what the metadata implies. This is critical as regulations now require knowing precisely which data elements a company has on a consumer, where they are held, and for what purpose they are used. Integris is also unique in its ability to handle data in motion which is key to securing Hadoop data lakes.

The Co-Sell program was piloted in 2016 and officially unveiled at Microsoft Inspire in June 2017. It has since expanded in full force to generate $8B in contracted partner revenue. The program also includes a $250 million Microsoft investment in seller incentives, to drive targeted growth and amplified visibility on a global scale for selected partners like Integris.

Integris can be found demonstrating at booth 2112 at Microsoft Inspire 2019.

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About Integris Software

Integris Software, the global leader in data privacy automation, helps enterprises discover and control the use of sensitive data in a way that protects privacy and fuels innovation.

Privacy is now critical to an effective data protection strategy. By sitting upstream from security, Integris tells you what data is important and why so you can be precise in your InfoSec controls.

Integris works securely, at scale, no matter where sensitive data resides. You get a live map of your sensitive data where you can apply policies, surface issues, fulfill DSAR requests, and automate remediations via your broader ticketing and InfoSec ecosystem.

Regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are triggering knee-jerk reactions as companies lock down their data for fear of misuse. With Integris, there is finally a way to use your data without fear.

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