451 Research | Integris leverages automation for continuous data privacy compliance

Data privacy tools typically focus on either the technical control of data, or the coordination of human processes. Often the ‘missing link’ is direct remediation of sensitive data once it is identified. Integris Software is betting on the use of automation to fill this gap, in an approach it calls ‘data privacy automation.

451 Research | CCPA: not just ‘America’s GDPR’

CCPA has frequently been compared with the EU’s GDPR. While the regulations are similar in ethos, they have fundamental differences that reflect subtly divergent cultural attitudes and approaches toward data privacy and consumer rights.

Integris Software 2019 Data Privacy Maturity Study

How does your data privacy management program compare to top US enterprises?

451 Research | Architectural data control: turning privacy into a blessing, not a curse

Both regulatory compliance and effective leverage of data share the common requirement of granular data control, which needs to be addressed at the architectural level.

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