Know exactly what's in your dataset, not just what the metadata implies.
Integris Data Inventory gives enterprise teams deeper visibility and control over their data assets. Quickly scan any data type, at rest or in-motion, all the way down to the the data element level, and use machine learning and natural language processing to create a live map of your data landscape. Deployed in your secure data environment, Integris is not a SaaS solution which means your data is always in your control.
Integris Data Discovery, Classification, and Inventory
Data Privacy Team

Privacy is about peoples' data. Find it across a diverse data ecosystem with deep search, correlation, and context for inferred PI datasets not directly tied to and identity.

  • People Inventory
  • DSR Fulfillment
  • Hidden Data
Data Governance Team

Replace manual surveys with a centralized, consistent, and defensible inventory. Reduce friction with data owners and empower risk decisions on actual data.

  • Data Inventory
  • Data Hygiene
  • Governance Orchestration
Data Protection Team

Prioritize protection with an accurate data risk map. Quantify data breach exposure by data subject count, classification and regulatory impact. Respond with on-demand deep search.

  • Inventory Risk
  • Data Protection
  • Data Breach Assessment
Ready to unlock innovation while protecting privacy?
Integris Data Inventory Gives You Deeper Visibility and Control Over Your Data Assets
Deep Data Discovery

Metadata cataloging is helpful but not defensible for GDPR and CCPA which require knowing precisely which data elements a company has on a consumer, where, and for what purpose. In addition, data protection requires knowing precisely where sensitive data resides within a dataset.

Integris operates at the data element level to inform you exactly what’s in the dataset, not just what the metadata implies.

Data Subject Discovery

The most challenging aspect of fulfilling data subject requests (DSRs) is finding data subjects across your data ecosystem.

Integris identifies the data subject’s relevant PI, as well as the specific systems, tables, and files that contain the subject’s personal information along with purpose, PI categories, system owner, and related information.

Correlated Attributes

Data lakes are becoming data dumpsters. Before providing access to additional business users or data scientists, ensuring that PI cannot be reasonably re-identified will reduce the risk of an inadvertent privacy issue.

Integris identifies combinations of data that alone are benign, but when combined are high risk. For example, 87% of the US population can be re-identified using only three attributes: gender, zip code, and date of birth.

Inferred Attributes and Context-based Discovery

Understanding inferred personal data is important, yet challenging. For example, food preferences in a user profile can infer religion, donation records can infer political preference, and behavioral patterns can be drawn from geospatial data.

Integris understands data context in order to identify inferred attributes.

Privacy and Security By Design

Multi-zone support means there’s no need to copy consumer data across geographic regions or security zones. By default, Integris obfuscates PI from the UI.

Integris deploys in your secure data environment - on-prem, in your AWS, Azure, or GCP virtual private cloud, or both. It is not a SaaS solution and your data is not sent to Integris.

Petabyte-Scale Processing

Privacy is a big data problem. Integris’ modern, microservices architecture and administrative controls adeptly handle the volume, variety, and velocity of big data.

Integris data processing services containers can be deployed close to your data repositories minimizing network traffic and leveraging your existing compute power.

Connect to Anything

Integris is able to connect to any data source type, at rest or in-motion, structured, unstructured, on-prem, or in the cloud.

This extends to data formats such as pdf, csv, docs, and even includes XML, JSON, or any other textual data format.