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Integris Software automates the process of data discovery and related metadata creation to ensure TrustArc customers know exactly what data they have and how it maps into the privacy intelligence and operational automation on the TrustArc platform. By partnering with Integris Software, TrustArc customers can automate the manual setup and updates to their TrustArc Data Inventory, and enrich a variety of TrustArc workflows like third party management, risk assessments, and fulfilling data subject requests.

Hilary M. Wandall, SVP Privacy Intelligence and General Counsel, FIP

Evident is excited to partner with Integris Software as they drive to automate data privacy solutions. Our Identity Verification solution addresses a new threat vector created by DSRs, while avoiding incremental exposure to personal data. Our identity and business verification customers are looking for solutions to ease collaboration and streamline internal processes around privacy. Our automated solution dovetails with Integris and their partners to provide an integrated global solution. 

David Wellner, Head of Business Development

We invited Integris Software to be part of our Collaboration Network because their expertise and technology has the potential to significantly influence the design of a data-driven, compliant digital business for our clients. Privacy is driving significant disruption to every company’s operating model. We view Kristina Bergman and team as key thought leaders in the space of building technology to meet the growing demands of privacy legislation in a digital world.

Jeff Steffens, CEO

As an advisor of information security solutions for our enterprise customers, we were quick to recognize that data privacy is critical to our customer’s data protection strategy. Knowing what data you have and where it resides in a hybrid cloud environment is a key first step in any privacy automation journey.  Integris Software’s approach to reducing the PI data surface area risk for CCPA and GDPR by automating the discovery and classification of personal information has resonated with our customers and will be an integral part of their strategy going forward.

Justin White, Director of Sales

Privacy is now critical to an effective data protection strategy.  California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR have forced the convergence of personal data privacy and data protection on a scale far beyond corporate and financial regulations like PCI and SOX.  The definition of personal information is much broader and continuing to evolve. By sitting upstream from security, Integris determines what data is important and why to inform precise Imperva enforcement controls.  Supporting a broad set of data systems and deploying on-prem or in AWS and Azure, Integris and Imperva together enable customers to quickly mitigate security risk and reduce the risk of non-compliance on an organization’s most sensitive data assets.

Terry Ray, SVP and Imperva Fellow

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