A Values-Driven Commitment to Data Privacy

The values of Integris Software are the building blocks of who we are and how we operate. Transparency is vitally important to us, and we want to make it known that the values we believe in most inform our everyday decisions.

Integris wasn’t created to just solve data privacy concerns, but rather, to work toward something much more important: transform and foster the data privacy environment we believe the world wants – and most importantly, deserves.

Our world is rapidly evolving, and technology advancements continue to drive the exponential growth of data. Increasing demands for personal, on-demand experiences have required large amounts of personal information to be stored and used. The speed of change has created difficulty with how to regulate, collect and use data.

Companies in charge of our data must operate with unwavering integrity

Not taking data privacy seriously is gambling with the wellbeing of people’s lives and organizational success versus failure. A lack of data privacy has real-world consequences: drained bank accounts, damaged credit, and even stolen identities.

Making data privacy a priority sets the precedent that it is critically important. The business world follows trends, and organizations that live their truths can make lasting impacts on the world around us.

At our core, Integris is an organization backed by the highest commitment to integrity. It lives in our name and is central to our operations, partners and solutions – day in and day out. We respect each other and the collective power that is achieved when the team goes all in.

There isn’t always consensus on what is right and wrong. Around the world, people value privacy, and more importantly, history shows us the consequences when privacy is compromised.

Privacy is a right, not a privilege

Integris was founded on the belief that the right to data privacy is absolute. A lack of privacy isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a possible nightmare for consumers and businesses alike. Privacy keeps our intellectual property and personal information just that — private.

Laptops, smartphones, watches, televisions and even kitchen appliances capture data constantly in our everyday lives. This has normalized data collection, with consumers trusting that their data is being handled discreetly. Unfortunately, that is often not true due to the enormity and complexity of data, and the manual nature of most data privacy programs these days.

Together, we must bring our collective commitment to the values we share and embody to the forefront.

Integris will never back down from doing what is right. We will always stand with those willing to go out on a limb, trust their instinct and challenge the status quo. We have a vision of what we believe the world can be when you focus on doing what is right as the rule, not the exception.

Privacy is a continuum

The future is coming fast and will require data privacy solutions that are flexible, continuous and devoted to excellence. Simply being reactive isn’t enough anymore. A data privacy solution that works today may not work tomorrow. We must keep innovating – pushing the boundaries, uncovering the unknown and stepping up to take smart, calculated risks.

Setbacks are inevitable, but perseverance, resourcefulness and a commitment to excellence ultimately prevail. Sometimes it requires taking the road less traveled to get where you want to go. At Integris, we believe there is a better, clearer path to data privacy, and our solutions will get organizations to that outcome. The future of data privacy should make consumers feel safe, knowing their privacy is protected.

A lifetime commitment

I founded Integris Software in 2016 to create a product and culture we take great pride in – as a company, a team and as global citizens. Leveraging our values has brought us to a new phase in the data privacy arena and drives what we do going forward. We keep our values close and apply the knowledge we gather every day to create a safer today and a more private tomorrow.