How it Works

Integris works securely, at scale, no matter where sensitive data resides. You get a live map of your sensitive data where you can apply policies, surface issues, fulfill data subject requests, and automate remediations via your broader ticketing and InfoSec ecosystem.
Data mapping tells you what data you have and where.
You apply policies to your sensitive data which we continuously monitor for issues.
We remediate issues by tying into your broader ticketing and InfoSec ecosystem.
You fulfill data subject requests by running a deep search to locate customer data.

Why Integris Software?

Fulfill Data Subject Requests with Unmatched Speed and Accuracy
With Integris, you won’t be forced to violate your own privacy and security practices because there’s no need to copy consumer data across network zones or replicate PI to a master repository. Integris goes beyond intake forms and response templates to enable end-to-end DSR fulfillment. We tackle the most challenging aspect of DSRs- finding PI across your data ecosystem and tying it back to your data subject. You can even automate your DSR processes to fulfill thousands of requests automatically.

Secure, Scalable, Microservices Architecture
Flexible, hybrid deployments go where your data resides, minimizing costs and deployment friction, while maximizing processing power efficiencies​. Got a Hadoop cluster? The Integris Hadoop Connection Engine sits as an adjacent edge node inside your Hadoop cluster​ utilizing existing compute power. Integris’ modern microservices architecture is equally capable in your on-premise virtual environment as well as any private or public cloud platform.
Connect to Any Data Type, At Rest or In Motion
Sensitive data can be anywhere. Integris handles any type of repository whether it be file storage, structured databases, cloud-based SaaS providers, Hadoop data lakes, and even streaming data. Integris stream processing discovers and classifies data in motion, flags data handling violations like encryption, and integrates into popular streaming analytics tools such as Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and more.
Supports Your Entire Enterprise Control Framework
Integris goes beyond DSAR and other ID-centric solutions because we’re not limited to tying data back to a user ID. We find any data you consider sensitive, even if GDPR and CCPA doesn’t. Extend your data protection strategy beyond privacy to include sensitive terms specific to your company, such as intellectual property. We can even flag data handling issues related to data residency, retention, proliferation, misclassification, and mislabeling. The result? Integris becomes your enterprise data hub for fact-based decision making.

Get Your CTO, CISO, CDO, and CPO on the Same Page with Your Integris Data Privacy Hub

Data Privacy Landscape
  • See sensitive data by geography, system, and policy
  • Snapshots of amount, type, and recency of data
  • Alerts and drill downs shrink the distance between insight, decision, and action
DSR Fulfillment
  • Verify and locate data subjects across thousands of systems, on-demand
  • Manage DSR intake, workflows, generate responses using customizable templates, verify deletion, and integrate with your existing systems
  • Automate your DSR processes to fulfill thousands of requests automatically
  • Enterprise-ready, multi-zone deployments with no PI replication
Privacy Policy Manager
  • Support for over 250 sensitive data types or add your own
  • Create policies, add supporting documents, validity period, and rules
  • Granular policy control down to the column level
Privacy Policy Reporting
  • Out of the box reports by data source, region, policy, and more
  • Create your own reports with pivot tables that handle millions of rows
  • Filter, sort, and group, then drill up and down to see your data from different points of view
  • Print, export to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV or PNG

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