Integris Software Delivers the Fastest Path to DSR Defensibility

Integris Software tackles the most challenging aspect of data subject requests (DSR)- finding data subjects across your data ecosystem. By automating the discovery and classification of sensitive data, Integris reduces the burden on IT teams and data source owners.

Deep Search and just-in-time identity matching make it easy for your customer service reps (CSRs) to verify and locate data subjects across thousands of systems. CSRs can capture the request, input data into a standard response template, and share it back out with the data subject. They can preview DSR reports, add private notes, and activate the next step in your workflow.

Worried about a flood of DSRs causing a “Denial of Service” on your CSR and IT staff? Integris gives you the ability to automate your DSR processes to fulfill thousands of requests automatically.

Integris DSR Key Capabilities

PI Surface Area Reduction

Our discovery process isolates your systems that contain PI, then maps attributes, categories, purpose, and sources back to each data subject. 

DSR Lifecycle Management

DSR intake, workflow management, and response generation, as well as integrations with your existing front-end systems.

Data Subject Validation

On intake, we help you confirm a data subject exists within your ecosystem and identify multiple types like customer, employee, and vendor.

Data Subject Deep Search

We identify the data subject’s relevant PI, as well as the specific systems, tables, and files that contain the subject’s personal information along with purpose, PI categories, system owner, and related information.

Remediation and Validation

Additional metadata and event orchestration support end-to-end workflows (e.g. deletion), and you get an audit trail with validation to demonstrate compliance.

White Paper: Solving Data Subject Rights' Big Data Problem

Four recommendations plus the one thing you should never do


Integris Data Subject Request is fast, accurate, and follows the principles of privacy by design.

Unique capabilities deliver faster time to compliance.


  • Build trust by delivering a rapid response to requests that include up-to-date PI categories and purpose
  • Search for data subjects only where you might find them; reducing the PI surface area upfront enables blazing fast, on-demand data subject deep searches
  • Future proof your business against DSR “Denial of Service attacks” by automating your end-to-end DSR workflows
  • Decrease your dependency on IT teams to find data subjects and validate deletions


  • Advanced identity matching enables high confidence search and identification of data subjects 
  • Get up-to-date details on the data subject when you need it; stop relying on historical indexes
  • Discover all PI even if its not tied to a user ID; machine learning and contextual awareness operate at the data element level on data anywhere – at rest, in-motion, in the cloud, or on-prem
  • Find exactly where the data subject resides within your ecosystem, then trigger deletion and portability workflows

Privacy by Design

  • Reduces the DSR data surface area through inventory risk assessment and remediation
  • Enterprise ready; multi-zone support with no need to copy consumer data across network zones
  • Reduces exposure to identity thefts; respond to access requests confidently with attribute types, PI categories, and purpose
  • By default, obfuscates PI from the UI so customer service reps can’t see sensitive data as they respond to DSRs

Fulfill DSRs with Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Run Deep PI Searches and Find Data Subjects, On Demand

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