What is Microsoft Ignite?

Microsoft Ignite 2019 is an annual event for IT professionals and software developers involved in all aspects of IT including data centers, training, security, and application development.  Microsoft Ignite used to be called TechEd and was rebranded in 2015.  

Before we get to our session recommendations, Integris Software is proud to be one of only 8 startups invited to participate in Microsoft’s Startup Gallery at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Integris was selected by Microsoft to participate out of nearly 350 other startups. We’re honored to be included along with Squigl, Volterra, CodeFresh, Actionable Science, AugmentirSecuriThings and Dremio.

Microsoft Ignite 2019 Startup Gallery

The Top 7 Data Privacy and Governance Sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

For our audience, especially IT professionals who work in Infosecurity, data governance, and data privacy, we want to provide recommendations on Microsoft Ignite sessions that are sure to be informative.   

Ignite Session BRK010: Navigate data protection and risk management in the cloud era

Monday, November 4, 2:00-2:45

Session Description: “The exponential growth of data along with rapidly evolving privacy and compliance requirements introduces new risk management challenges. These board-room conversations require leadership to bring together IT, security, compliance, and legal teams to protect critical data and brand reputation. Learn how Microsoft can help you lead your organization’s compliance and risk management journey with our new tools – Information Protection & Governance, Insider Risk Management, and Compliance Score.”

Ignite Session BRK2284: Applied governance: Establishing cloud governance for flexibility, control, and growth

Monday, November 4, 2:15-3:30

Session Description: “Are you ready to adopt Azure with confidence, manage risks, and maintain control? In this hands-on session, complete a series of exercises and even work with your own Azure subscription to establish proper cloud governance by defining policies and processes to manage risks and deliver on your cloud adoption plans and goals. Along the way, learn about the best practices and tools available to you through the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.”

Ignite Session BRK1086: Microsoft’s security team is changing the training playbook

Monday, November 4, 3:15-4:00

Session Description: “ In this session, Ken Sexsmith, Director of Security Education and Awareness at Microsoft will share the unconventional approach his team has taken to train employees on the importance of being everyday security stewards in, helping to protect one of the most valuable companies in the world.”

Ignite Session COMP10: Know your data: Use intelligence to identify, protect, and govern your important data

Tuesday, November 5, 9:00-9:45

Session Description: “The foundation of any compliance program is knowing where all of your data lives and then classifying, labeling, and governing it appropriately. Gain a deeper understanding of the new platform capabilities that help you better assess the risk you face by discovering, classifying, labeling, and governing your data as well as understanding how it is being used and shared. Also, learn how your policies can be automatically applied across your environment, endpoints, apps, and services.”

Ignite Session BRK2236: Compliance, privacy, and securing your data in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Wednesday, November 6, 2:00-2:2:45

Session Description: “Learn about infrastructure strategy, user and application management of our portfolio of out-of-the-box applications and services and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform meet compliance, security, and the privacy requirements of both customers and partners.”

Ignite Session BRK3148: Top 10 best practices in Azure governance and adoption

Thursday, November 7, 3:30-4:15

Session Description: “Learn real-world best practices in adoption and making Azure an operationalized and ready part of your enterprise environment. In this session, we deal with adoption best practices and how to apply governance to your Azure environment, enabling your business to leverage the cloud with confidence. Leveraging the Cloud Adoption Framework, real customer examples, and lessons learned, this session offers practical guidance on how to make the right decisions in building out or maturing your Azure environment. You will receive practical directional guidance on what you should and should not do in adopting Azure.”

Ignite Session BRK3053: Data is exploding: Intelligently manage your data lifecycle with information governance

Wednesday, November 6, 2:15-3:30

Session Description: “As data explodes in the modern workplace organizations recognize data is an asset but also a liability. Learn how Microsoft 365 can help your customers establish a comprehensive information governance strategy to intelligently manage your data lifecycle, keep what is important and delete what isn’t.”

Microsoft Ignite 2019 sessions and keynotes will provide detailed information to help IT professionals learn the most about Microsoft technologies and tools. As a Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Startup Gallery partner, we are especially excited to see sessions focused on data privacy and data governance.  What sessions do you plan on attending?

Will you be at Microsoft Ignite? Come visit Integris Software at Microsoft’s Startup Gallery for product information and a demo.  Also, read our solution brief on how to deploy Integris in Microsoft AKS environments.